US, 2017, Horror.
91 min.
Director:Don Mancini
Casts: Allison Dawn Dorion (Rachel), Alex Vincent (Andy), Brad Dourif (Chucky), Fiona Dourif (Nica).


It’s not one, not two, it’s too many Chucky’s


Four years have passed since Chucky massacred Nica’s family (The curse of Chucky), that night of blood and madness survived two people: Nica and her niece Alice. Nica is confined in a psychiatric hospital and Alice – who has lost her entire family – is under the tutelage of Tiffany, the sinister Bride of Chucky.


On the other hand, Andy the boy with whom Chucky’s murderous path began in the first two films is now an adult, an adult who finds it difficult, perhaps too much, to direct his life and relate to others due to the trauma he suffered in his childhood -who could blame him right-, so when he returns to his cabin he is dedicated to torturing the head of the original Chucky, and boy has he entertained himself with it from what can be seen.


Is Cult of Chucky a good movie?

It’s a Chucky movie and that should say it all, for better or for worse. The seventh film in the series to be exact – remember that unlike Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc. Child’s Play and its sequels are a saga, not a franchise-, it is predictable, but it also has those great flashes of black humor that the character has us used to, it is bloody and follows the line of its predecessors, yes, the special effects and photography are at the level of the best deliveries, and although there are liters and more liters of blood, one of the main successes of the film is that it does not fall into the excesses to which gore and easy fright – how fashionable They seem to be – they have us used to it.


Perhaps the secret that the Chucky saga continues to be successful almost 30 years after the first installment is that throughout the 7 films the command has never changed hands, the man behind the camera and the typewriter remains the same: Don Mancini, and it is this unique vision that has allowed the saga to continue to grow and maintain its horde of followers around the world.


 What are the main novelties in Cult of Chucky?

On the one hand, there is the return of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), of course, we had already seen him appear in the post-credits scene of Curse of Chucky, but for this seventh installment Andy is once again part of the story, he has an important role in the film and will surely have it in the eighth installment of the saga -which is already confirmed, although there is still no filming or launch date-, well as we have already mentioned, Andy is dedicated to torturing the head of the doll and try to keep killing.


But the great novelty without a doubt is that in this case, as the name indicates, it is no longer a single killer doll, now we will have to deal with that it is not one, there are not two, there are multiple Chucky, at least 4 are those that appear on the screen, not to mention that Charles has found a way to pass his soul to human bodies without having to abandon the dolls, so the amount of «Horcruxes» of Charles Lee Ray that are in the world can get to be almost infinite, and believe me seeing so many Chuckys on the screen, especially simultaneously is something to be enjoyed. And a lot. At least those of us who have been followers of the saga for more than 20 years enjoy it like crazy, especially when they dialogue with each other, displaying that special humor.


The last big surprise is reserved for the scene at the end of the credits, and it is none other than the return of Kyle, Andy’s adoptive sister, who we assume will try to rescue him and why not, he will have fun torturing the head of the original Chucky – it is not that the diabolical doll deserves less than that.


In short, The cult of Chucky is not the best film of the saga, far from it, it is not a horror film that will mark an era, not even one of those that will go down in history as one of the classics of the genre, but without a doubt it is fun, the Chucky murders are as ingenious as ever and for those of us who have been fans for so long it is a great way to reconnect with our childhood “best friend”

* Cult of Chucky will not hit theaters, Universal has decided to distribute it exclusively via VOD (Video On Demand), DVD, and Blu Ray as of October 3, 2017, which is the official release date.


Written by Alex De Saro