As far as characters in comics are concerned, changing gender is not something common even in movies and on TV. Often when this happens it is usually something spectacular as magic or some other kind of ruse is involved. This list features characters who have changed their gender, although not specific cases in which a person is replaced by a separate character of the opposite gender.

These are just some examples:

10. Sir Tristan


Star of the classic Arthurian legend of Tristan and Isolde, Sir Tristan was part of the team of Knights of the Round Table resurrected in a dystopian future after King Arthur returned to defend himself against an alien invasion, in the classic sci-fi comic. Camelot 3000 by Alan Moore. Unfortunately, the knight Tristan is reincarnated as a woman, as is his beloved Isolde. This is one of the earliest explorations of alternative sexuality in the comics, so it deserves mention.

9. Starhawk y Aleta


Stakar Ogord was Aleta Ogord’s adoptive brother, who could manipulate light. The two fell in love and married, then ventured into the jungle of their home planet Arcturus IV, where a device from the Falcon God fused the two into one, granting Stakar great powers. However, only one of them could exist at a time, with the other trapped in limbo. Stakar, or Starhawk, stayed in the real world most of the time. They both joined The Guardians of the Galaxy and had many adventures with them, but eventually, they wanted children, so they asked the Falcon God to temporarily separate them.

8. Ultimate Spider-Woman

ultimate spider woman2

Although as we mentioned sometimes magic and alternate realities are involved Ultimate Spider-Woman is a kind of transgender person. She is the mind of a man of Peter Parker but in the body of a 16-year-old girl.

7. Mantra


Mantra originated as a male warrior, Lucasz, whose entire band of immortal warriors were slain, and his energy entered the body of the divorced Eden Blake. Lucasz struggled to deal with Eden’s everyday life, as her ex-husband and her two children, while her two psyches inhabit the same body. Mantra was the main female character in the Malibu Comics Ultraverse line. After Marvel acquired the Ultraverse print, a new Mantra was introduced, but the entire line was canceled shortly and the characters have not been seen since.

6. Comet


In the Silver Age, Comet was a centaur who was tricked by the witch Circe, who had promised to make him a complete man but instead turned into a complete horse. This comet loved Supergirl and eventually became human taking the name «Bronco» Bill Starr and the two fell in love.

In the 90s, a new Comet was introduced, a man, with pale skin, long white hair, mane-like legs, and three fingers on each hand. He appeared, wielding powers based on ice, flight, and super speed. He also secretly had love and shapeshifting powers. Comet’s true identity was kept secret due to various problems until it was revealed that Comet was secretly a combination of Andrea Martinez, a bisexual comedian.

5. Alysia Yeoh

Alysia Yeoh

One of the most important moments in the trans history of mainstream comics was when Alysia, Barbra Gordon Batgirl’s roommate, was revealed to be a trans superhero. Created by comic book writer Gail Simone who is characterized by her quality characters like almost any mainstream comic book writer, and made sure this post was handled well. Alysia wasn’t seen that much, but she stood out when he married his girlfriend and had a couple more scenes.

4. Ultra-Humanite


Originally the Ultrahuman, he closely resembled Lex Luthor and was a criminal scientist who fought Superman on many occasions, using his «mental energy». But due to the constant use of these energies, his body began to degrade. He developed a procedure that allowed her to transplant his brain into another body, that of actress Dolores Winters, reasoning that authorities would be less likely to believe that a woman in the public eye was a criminal mastermind. It was in this way that he fought against the Star Squad. Eventually, however, this body also wore out. Determining that human bodies were too fragile, the Ultra-humanite took the form of a white gorilla from Gorilla City and transplanted his brain into it, his «permanent» form. So that’s a transformation from male to female to gorilla.

3. Lord Fanny

Lord fanny

Lord Fanny was born Hilde Morales, a man, but his witch grandmother raised a girl so that he can inherit the witch’s mystical powers, who can only be possessed by a woman. Finally, Hilde underwent mystical initiation and adopted the patron goddess Tlazolteotl, the goddess of dirt and lust. She worked as a prostitute before being raped, after which she contemplated committing suicide, before joining the team The Invisible, to fight the forces of evil.

2. Shvaughn Erin


Science Police officer Shvaughn Erin was introduced in the late 1970s as a minor character in the Legion of Superheroes. She quickly began dating Legionnaire Element Lad and they remained a couple for many years, but after Earth was engulfed in a devastating war, Shvaughn reveals that she was born a man and that she has been taking a drug called Profem to become a woman. During the war, she is unable to acquire the drug and reverts to the male form, but Element Lad continues to see him as Sean Erin.

1. Sera


This trans and colored angel was the girlfriend of Angela, the Asgard Slayer, Witchhunter, and Queen Hela. Sera is the closest thing we had to a trans female superhero in the main comics. She is also cheeky, funny, and smart and never lets anyone force her to do something that she doesn’t want to do.

Written by Glenn Marte