Delirium Review: Season 4 With a solid and pretty good episode Rick and Morty reminds us of what they do best: Sci fi in its purest style an epic episode and a solid way to end Season 4.

A feature of season 4 of Rick and Morty has been that each episode focuses on a different idea and hardly follows a serial line. As in the case of some anthology series, each chapter has its own story, even breaking with the canons established in the previous three seasons. They are all unique science fiction adventures. Until chapter 10 which is what brings us back with an episode full of action, drama and dark humor.

Fortunately, the season finale indicates that the series is not completely dead as «Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri» brings us back with several of the Season 2 cliffhangers. (If you have not yet seen chapter 10 this review will have some spoilers). This episode could be the sequel to «The Wedding Squanchers,» «Pickle Rick» and «The ABCs of Beth» (with some of «The Rickshank Redemption» as well). This chapter is a follow up of the stories of characters like Bird (now Phoenix) Person, Tammy, Clone Beth and Dr. Wong (although the latter is really a cameo). It is definitely one of the best episodes of this season. It started as a good dish, slow, steady and gradually improving.

Another feature of this season is that it is very polarized in terms of character development. While one chapter focuses entirely on Rick as in «The Old Man and the Seat» another episode is more focused on Morty with a completely intrinsic story like «The vat of Acid episode»

A long way of saying that this is why «Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri» is so good is that there is a completely different and much more exciting feeling. We finally know if Beth made the decision to leave or not and if Beth is really a clone.

The climax moment of the episode is when Rick confronts his best friend Bird (Phoenix) Person in one of the most brutal and epic fights. Rick has found a worthy rival. now we know why the stories of Bird person being a figitive of the galactic federation are legendary.

The chapter has its side stories like Morty and Summer fighting to wear an invisibility belt, Jerry wearing a sock puppet to deal with his traumas in therapy with Dr. Wong played again by the talented Susan Sarandon.

The chapter ends when Beth and Clone Beth make friends and decide not to know which of them is the clone. Rick explains that he erased his memory (alluding to the chapter «Morty’s Mind Blowers») and asks them to watch with a projector who is the true clone to which none of them agrees, same goes for Morty, Summer and Jerry. Abandoned and in complete solitude Rick decides to reproduce his memories and realizes that he himself sabotaged the labels of who of the two Beths is the true clone.

Season 4 had its ups and downs (Mostlylowers than highs) with distracting episodes like Rick and Morty ripping off heistmovies, or Rick having fucked a planet, or Rick and Morty having an orgy with dragons.

Still, overall, the season stands out by itself. It introduces new characters and brings back old ones. This is a really epic last episode, and one of those Rick and Morty season finales that, while not hitting as hard on the feelings as they have in the past it surely had its good emotional impact. It is difficult to try to separate and not feel anything as a kind of attachment, not so much for the characters but for the resonance they emit that makes one feel identified with them.

With a solid good episode Rick and Morty reminds us of what they do best.. A very high quality Sci fi show. A good way to end Season 4.

Delirium Score Episode 10 «Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri»: 9.5

Delirium Score season 4: 8.5

Written by Glenn Marte