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US, 2018, Sci-Fi/Action
Creator:Jeffrey Lieber
Cast: Maddie Hasson (Henry), Sarah Desjardin (Jenna), Enuka Okuma (Deputy Anna)

Remembering a great little risk.
There was a moment when YouTube dared to invent or rather reinvent the black thread and make series to compete with the giants Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime. It had it all: The Characters, the name and the positioning but they lacked the engagement so that otherwise, we could be talking about a real competition for Netflix. One of the proposals was precisely «Impulse» an adolescent science fiction series.
Impulse is a very teenage series, with an interesting plot too attractive as it is to suddenly have powers. Every teenager’s dream. Among the 3 most common powers to wish for is Flying, having super strength or teleporting.

Henry or Henrieta the protagonist discovers that he possesses a dangerous and powerful ability to teleport while experiencing the vicissitudes of his age and his school. And it is from there that the first conflict arises in terms of production. Her reaction to discovering her powers is her denial leaving it as the second term and the story revolves around a sexual assault that she suffers giving her total focus to that story.
In that detail is where the main differentiating element of this YouTube Premium series is, which, together with Cobra Kai, represents the leap forward that the platform has made this year in its production of original content. Impulse is his first hour-long series and, while the Karate Kid sequel seeks an audience in their late forties and more driven by nostalgia, it goes directly to younger viewers by focusing everything on the adventures of a teenager.
Henry, her protagonist, is new to high school and has not even fully adjusted to her new home, as her mother lives with her new boyfriend and his teenage daughter. It is a fairly conventional house from which we are seeing little by little that everyone is more than what it seems at first glance.

Impulse tries to treat, as realistically as possible in such a story, the consequences of Henry’s teleportation powers and how others react to them. The teleportation scenes are presented in a very spectacular way; The energy field generated around Henry when he uses his power leaves very clear physical consequences in the environment and also in her.

For a young woman who has been introduced to us as a social misfit, assuming all this is a lot. She can sometimes be irritating, for example, in her efforts to want to face all the changes alone, but it is interesting to see how all the characters deal with the complicated web of relationships that is established in a small town.
The first season is good especially for the ending worth it after the existential conflicts Henry presents. The second season falls a bit but is just as good.

Delirium Score

The first season is good especially for the ending worth it after the existential conflicts Henry presents. The second season falls a bit but is just as good.

Written by Glenn Marte