Jason Voorhees was born on June 13, 1946, in Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey. When he sat on this Earth, he had a very strange appearance and many disabilities as a human. His mother, Pamela Voorhees, forced Jason to go camping every summer, even when Jason didn’t want to attend camp. The other kids who attended Camp Crystal Lake hated Jason for the looks of him, mute voices in most cases, and the unusual enormous size of him as a child. Poor Jason was bullied by the kids every time they had a chance to bully him for their differences.

 So in 1956, in late May, on a quiet morning, the kids and Jason lined up by a lake for an activity. So the kids decided to rally around Jason and kick, hit and tease Jason. Then everyone put a shirt around his eyes to make him fold up and pushed Jason into the lake. Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t swim, so he tried to fight to survive in the water, but he drowned from exhaustion and lack of success getting out of the lake.

Pamela was not around to save Jason at the time and she lived with great hatred and depression over Jason’s death. So the camp that year was closed for some time due to Jason’s tragic death. So a few years later, some people came in 1958 and spent time at Camp Crystal Lake when it reopened. From this point, this led to the first Friday the 13th. This first movie, Pamela Voorhees, was the killer and promised to kill anyone who comes to camp for future reference after Jason’s death. But, in a fight, Pamela Voorhees was killed in the first movie by a young woman who was the only one who survived in the camp in that movie.

From the second Friday the 13th and so on, Jason was Voorhees raised from the dead and was the killer. Jason killed everyone who came to the camp and used a hockey mask, a leather jacket, gloves to lose fingers, and used a machete as a weapon. Jason killed over 700 people combining all of his movies but on the first Friday the 13th. A great movie that Jason Voorhees also attended was Freddy vs. Jason, where Jason and Freddy had a great fight with each other.

Jason Voorhees doesn’t speak and he’s direct action in his movies. Immortality is Jason Voorhees’s specialty, as is his super strength, extreme toughness, great size, and good fighting skills. I highly recommend that if you love horror movies that you take the time of your life and watch some of the Friday the 13th movies or even Freddy vs. Jason and see what ability it is to kill Jason. Jason will be forever remembered as one of the greatest horror icons of all time around the world.

Written by Glenn Marte

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